What is Guatemalan?

Guatemala is a country that is famous for its volcanoes, lakes, and coffee. Guatemalans have a nice variety in the types of coffee because of various micro climates and growing environments. That’s why the Guatemala also know as Guatemalan coffee.

Taste of Guatemala coffee:

The coffee beans grown in Guatemala typically indicate a full body and a rich chocolate-cocoa flavor, and a toffee-like sweetness. Guatemalan coffees are also known as true Central American coffees.

The Hard Bean green coffees are grown in the Atitlan. Antigua coffee grows in the growing regions where it exhibits. These qualities as well as a floral acidity that is often spicy or chocolaty.

Crucial Facts about Guatemalan Coffee:

This is really amazing how many world-class coffee beans come from this region. You may have Galapagos Coffee, Costa Rican, Dominican Coffee, Honduras Coffee, and Nicaraguan coffee, but Guatemalan coffee is said to be the jewel of Central. American coffee industry.

Let’s start discussing some facts about coffee from Guatemala:

Guatemala’s Coffee History:

The first time coffee is introduce in Guatemala in the mid-1700s from an ornamental plant. In 1960, coffee growers developed their own union which is officially known as Anacafé (Asosiación Nacional del Café).

This organization is responsible for marketing, and research and is used to provide financial support to new and existing farmers. This organization also seeks to improve life for farmers living in rural areas.

The government of Guatemala encouraged the growth of coffee plantations then coffee quickly became the country’s largest export. In fact, up until 2011, Guatemala was known as one of the top 5 largest coffee-producing countries And Guatemala surpassed Honduras finally.

Guatemalan coffee

No doubt The Guatemala Country Is Bless by Unique Growing Conditions. The climate in Guatemala is one of the most suitable in the world for coffee production.

There are 7 main regions to grow coffee in Guatemala. Every region has a unique environment to grow the coffee.

In Antigua, the Coffee is grow on the slopes of volcanoes which receive lots of sun and little rain. The Huehuetenango region which is near the Mexican border has the highest altitudes (between 5000-6000 feet) which produce a complex, fruity flavor of the coffee.
Atitlan region Coffees are grow in volcanic soil. Therefore, the surrounding of this place is Lake. The water of this lake is use for the wet processing of the coffees. The Coffees from this region are nutty and chocolaty in flavor.

What Are The Preferred Processing Methods?

As we know Guatemala is a country with a lot of rainfall and humidity.

This country has an abundance of water and high humidity levels which tends to disrupt the natural, or dry, the process of coffee beans so you will rarely see a natural Guatemalan.

Farmers and consumers are prefer the wet process of coffee beans this processing method is more consistent then the natural processing method, and this process also highlights the natural acidity in the coffee.

Flavor Characteristics of Guatemalan Coffee pods.

Medium sweet of full body is the second name of Guatemalan coffee. This has lots of chocolate flavor notes.

Many coffees will either have a bitter-sweet cocoa taste or a sweet, milk chocolate taste. Also have notes of nuts and toffee. Many people also noted a taste of smoky element to the beans, as well.

We have already discussed the different regions of Guatemala, where the beans grow at higher elevations, such as those at Huehuetenango, this region’s coffee will have brighter flavor notes ranging from berries to green apple to citrus.

Guatemalan Antigua:

The most well-known in the country, and the oldest coffee estate in the country is Antigua.

The Guatemalan Coffees from Antigua will have a full body and contain heavy sweetness and low to medium acidity.

Now the Current State of the Coffee Industry in Guatemala.

Best Brew Methods:

There are two different attributes to highlight in Guatemalan coffee from Guatemala:

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 Guatemalan coffee pod

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Guatemala has the best climate conditions for growing coffee plants. The single-origin coffee beans in Guatemala produce a full-bodied, pleasantly acidic, richly flavored cup of coffee. The best brew method for Guatemalan coffee is use to ensure. That you get all the flavor and acidity in your cup of coffee.

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